This is a spoke straightening tool for a Model A.

Hawk A Club Reamer Tool Inventory


The reamers are described as follows:

  • Uppermost reamer is 1-1/4 in. for reaming the steering sector bushings for the 2 and 7 tooth columns.
  • The second reamer is a 13/16 in. straight reamer for the kingpin bushings in the front spindles.
  • The third reamer is a 13/16 in. reamer, also for the kingpin bushings. It is better than the reamer above.
  • The fourth reamer is a 3/4 in. reamer used to ream the end plate of the 1928 starter for the 3/4 in. OD bushing.
  • The third from the bottom is the 11/16 in. reamer used top ream the bushings for the brake camshaft and emergency brake toggle lever in the rear brake backing plates.
  • The long reamer, next to the bottom, is a 0.559 in. reamer for the front brake pushrod actuator bushings.
  • The bottom reamer is a 1/2 in.reamer for the distributor and oil pump bushings.

Bearing Cup Press

This is a K.R. Wilson tool donated to the Club tool inventory by Bill Ackermann.

This tool is used to press the wheel bearing cups into the front hubs

The hub Puller tool is used to remove the rear hub/brake drum from the rear axle after removing the nut. Slip it over the flange on the hub and tighten the screw against the axle. You may have to use a hammer on the end of the bolt and/or apply some heat to the hub before the hub will come off the axle.

NOTE!!! Prior to using this tool, back off the service brake adjusting wedge and the emergency brake linkage. Failure to do this will result in damage to the brake shoes and emergency brake band.


Kingpin Bushing Driver

This tool is used to remove  and replace the kingpin bushings from the front  spindle.

The emergency spring tool shown here is used to hook the end of the Retracting Spring onto the Emergency Brake Actuating Lever. The tool is made from one inch dowel that is about 3 inches long. A hole is drilled through the midpoint of the dowel and a fairly stiff wire threaded through the hole and wrapped all the way around the dowel. The end of the wire is then mulit-wrapped around the original wire, coming through the dowel. The opposite end of the wire is cut off about 12 inches long and a 1 inch loop is formed. The wire end is wrapped multiple times around the main wire.

To use, hook the loop over the bent end of the spring and coil the spring by pulling on the dowel such that the bent end of the spring hooks around the lever arm.


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