Hawk A Club Reamer Tool Inventory


The reamers are described as follows:

  • Uppermost reamer is 1-1/4 in. for reaming the steering sector bushings for the 2 and 7 tooth columns.
  • The second reamer is a 13/16 in. straight reamer for the kingpin bushings in the front spindles.
  • The third reamer is a 13/16 in. reamer, also for the kingpin bushings. It is better than the reamer above.
  • The fourth reamer is a 3/4 in. reamer used to ream the end plate of the 1928 starter for the 3/4 in. OD bushing.
  • The third from the bottom is the 11/16 in. reamer used top ream the bushings for the brake camshaft and emergency brake toggle lever in the rear brake backing plates.
  • The long reamer, next to the bottom, is a 0.559 in. reamer for the front brake pushrod actuator bushings.
  • The bottom reamer is a 1/2 in.reamer for the distributor and oil pump bushings.

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Hawk A Model A Ford Club Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month, except December

and start at 7:00 PM at the Hiawatha Community Center.