This is a spoke straightening tool for a Model A.

The tool shown below was created by one of Hawk-A Model A Club members to adjust the tone of his non-standard horn. All of the original equipment horns had the tone adjust on the rear of the horn. In this case the horn was replaced with one where the tone adjustment is through the front of the horn bellows. This tool loosens and tightens the adjustment screw. The procedure would be to:

  • Place screw driver through the wrench opening and afix to adjustment screw and nut through front of horn. 
  • Loosen the nut on the adjustment screw.
  • Sound the horn and adjust screw for tone desired.
  • Tighten nut while holding screw stationary.
  • Remove tools and test horn for correct tone.
  • Repeat procedure, if necessary.




The spoke straightener is used to re-align the wheel spokes that might have become bent. The device works by opening up the two halves by unscrewing the two (or three) hex-head bolts and placing it around the bent spoke. Screwing in the bolts will cause the spoke to bend. So the device is rotated about the spoke such that its bending action is opposite to the existing (unwanted) bend in the spoke.


 Spoke Straightener



This tool is used to spread apart the spring shackles so that the rear spring assembly can be attached to the rear axle housing. The tool can also be used to remove the rear axle without removing the spring from the car.

 The club does not have the spring spreader toolRear Spring Spreader at this time.

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