This is a spoke straightening tool for a Model A.

The hinge pin extractor tool is meant to push out the door hinge pins. This is the

correct tool for this job. However, some times the pins are rusted in so bad that

they must be drilled out.

The semi-circular tool grabs the groove (or shoulder) of the hub to free the hub from the axle. 

After many years of service, the removable venturi in the Zenith carburetor will probably be stuck tightly in the carburetor. This tool will remove the stuck venturi without damaging it.

This tool is used to determine and adjust the fuel level in your Zenith carburetor. Follow the instructions as shown on the instruction sheet or refer to the article below.

The slide hammer tool is used to remove the steering worm from the steering shaft. The worm is a tight interference fit on the end of the shaft. Slip the slide hammer tool over the end of the steering shaft. Hold the steering shaft vertically in one hand and forcefully push the slide hammer down the shaft. This will require several strokes. When the worm has moved about 1-1/2 inches, reduce the force and the worm and slide hammer will come off the shaft.

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