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Fred's Fixture

The fixtures that Fred Templer made are shown in the photo above and consist of a vertical sheet of plywood screwed to a 4 x 4. There is a fixture for each side and each is clamped to the front wheel/tire by a bolt, with a wingnut, passing through the spokes to another piece of plywood on the other side of the tire. The length of the 4 x 4 and plywood is about the same as the outside diameter of the tire and there are notches in the plywood on each end to make distance measurements with a tape measure. Fred is shown jacking up the front end and it's held off of the ground by jack stands and the fixtures are attached to the front tires. Clyde Melvin and Ron Heitmann are mounting the alignment fixtures to the wheel while Randy Stallman waits for his chance to loose the tie rod clamp.

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