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Worm gear exposed

After the sector was removed, the steering shaft can be removed from the steering column housing. Here is the worm gear that mates up with the 7-tooth gear on the sector. "Hey, Clyde, we need another roll of paper towels!"


Worm gear removed

Using John's "slide hammer" (see Tool Inventory), we were able to remove the worm gear from the steering shaft. Because the previous owner used grease instead of 600W oil in the steering box, this worm gear is worn out.


Repaired shaft

This is a close up of the steering shaft and shows were someone has welded it together. The steering shafts come in two lengths and it is speculated that one of the previous owners either need to lengthen or shorten the shaft. So, he either spliced two shafts together or took a section out of one shaft. The steering shaft might have to be replaced depending on the bearing surfaces. 

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