AUGUST 14, 2015 - Friday

It is mid-morning, and the sun is shining. IMAD Committee members and club members are busy setting up signs, gathering materials, and preparing headquarters for the 7th IMAD show on Saturday.

Friday afternoon Model A’ers began arriving for the mini-tour scheduled to take off at 4:00 pm. After gathering at headquarters (ITAC Theatre) for a pre-tour briefing, the tour begins. The cars and their passengers drive though six of the seven villages with a stop along the way at Henry’s Market in Homestead for their Friday-night Farmer’s Market. Many of the participants dropped off from the tour and spend the evening enjoying food prepared by one of the local groups there during the summer, and listening to music; again from locals that play at different functions. Other attractions along the route are available for the drivers and passengers to see; galleries, workshops, and studios as part of “Art Night in the Amana Colonies”. This is a collection of artisans demonstrating and displaying their crafts. Another popular stop after the tour is the Millstream Brewery for a cool adult beverage.

AUGUST 15, 2015 – Saturday

Just as Friday did, Saturday also dawned sunny and beautiful. The IMAD committee and club volunteers are busy parking their cars and heading to their perspective work stations. Registration officially begins at 8:00 am; the arriving participants register at ITAC (Iowa Theatre Artists Company) headquarters, pickup their show packet (which includes a show button, dash plaque, window sticker, and ticket), drive to the picture station to have their car photographed, and continue to 47th Avenue to park their cars; leaving them the rest of the day to enjoy the many activities. These included the upholstery demo (applying a top to a Tudor sedan) and tech session (discussing water pumps, their differences and repair) held at the Millstream warehouse and the fashion display and show at the ITAC headquarters. Also, throughout the day, participants could partake in visiting with friends and visiting with the numerous merchants within Amana. Available was typical Amana German food, a variety of shops, wineries, demonstrations, and checking their ticket to see if they won a prize provided by merchants on the “Great Amana Ticket Hunt”.

A total of 95 Model A’s, AA Trucks, various Model A conversions and a couple Model T’s were proudly displayed along 47th Avenue through-out the day; with well over a thousand visitors looking at them.

At the end of the day, many of the participants staying over to Sunday, enjoyed the 60’s and 70’s music by a band playing at Millstream Brewery. What better way to end a full day of Model A’ing than good “Old Rock & Roll”, and some cool beverages. (Note – the 60’s & 70’s band is scheduled to play again this year.)

This year’s 8th Annual Iowa Model A Day is scheduled for August 20, 2016. Check for schedules and updates at

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